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29 Feb 2012 - 12:23:16 AM
Pliny the Younger

February means one thing (at least for some people): hunting season has officially opened for Pliny the Younger. Made by Russian River Brewing, Pliny the Younger is only available in small quantities, and only a select few alehouses here in the Seattle area get a small keg of it, and it always sells out fast. Fortunately, being unemployed means I can make it to the odd hour pourings, and that's exactly what I (and an unemployed friend) did when it went on tap at Naked City at 2:00 pm on February 15th. Keg ran out at 2:19 pm. This was my first time trying P the Y, and I must say it was an exceptional beer. I will definitely try and find another pouring (or two) before the season ends.

Pliny the Younger - 10.5% - Strong piney aroma. Great initial bubbliness and spiciness. Strong piney and hoppy flavors. Lovely malty undertones. Long finish -- grapefruit citrus flavor that mixes well with a subtle caramel taste and slight alcohol edge. Awesome!

Pliny the Younger
Two small glasses (7.5 ounces) of Pliny the Younger

Also on tap as consolation beers were Naked City's "Cry me a River" and Big Time's "Whiny the Complainer." So we tried those, as well.

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