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26 Apr 2011 - 12:53:27 PM
Free WiFi!

I have to say, traveling with the iPhone is a mixed blessing. To its credit, it makes checking email and Facebook and Words With Friends really easy because there's free wifi access pretty much everywhere. But I have not yet bridged the gap between getting pictures off my camera and onto my phone for photo-enhanced blog posts. In theory it shouldn't be hard but in my own experimentation it is. Ah well. For the time being you'll have to content yourselves with text-only blog posts. One of these days, though, I'll track down some sort of Internet cafe and upload a few pics.

In the meantime, I've done a whole lot of touristy things in Brussels the past two days. Grand Place, Magritte Museum, Atomium, Mannekin Pis, etc. It would really be better with pictures. I also combined my travel and beer themes in a visit to the Cantillon Brewery, so I'll have to make that its own post, hopefully before I get to Bruges and visit the De Halve Maan brewery. But yeah, Brussels is pretty nice, especially with the awesome summer-like weather it's had the past few days. After a mostly dreary winter and spring in Seattle it's been absolutely wonderful to walk around in the warm sun. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, as well, and I'm heading to Bruges. Maybe I'll find a computer to use there, assuming I can find a place to stay...

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24 Apr 2011 - 9:24:07 AM
In Brussels

This may have been the easiest start to a trip that I've had. Saturday was a fairly leisurely day of packing, then bus to light rail to the airport. No queue at the British Airways desk. Flight to London was uneventful, the layover at Heathrow was straightforward, flight to Brussels was very quick. Passport control and customs in Belgium were a breeze. Trains to the hostel were no problem, even in my post-travel haze. Got to the hostel early, before reception was open, so I found a bar (with nearby free wifi) and relaxed with a beer. Brussels is very quiet on this Easter Sunday, which has turned out to be a really nice way to arrive.

No pictures, yet. Maybe tomorrow...

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19 Apr 2011 - 11:52:49 AM
The Countdown Begins, Again

It's been a while since my trip to South America, and, well, I'm still unemployed. That got me thinking: When I do get a new job, I won't be able to go abroad for an extended amount of time. So I've decided to head to Europe for six weeks and then try the employment thing again when I return. Maybe I'll be able to find some sort of contract job. But yeah, Europe. I have a few friends living in the Netherlands and Switzerland, and now seems like a fine time to visit them. Blast off will be Saturday, April 23rd, eventually touching down in Brussels. The plan so far is Belgian beer imbibing, Dutch biking, and Swiss hiking. I'll figure out the details as I go.

So, the roblog will be shifting back to travel posts. Not sure if I'll post as much as I did in South America, but I'll definitely get some pictures and travel tales up along the way. I've already added the travel fund donation button as a meager attempt to get a few extra pennies here and there. The person who donates the most wins!

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