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28 Dec 2009 - 8:59:46 PM

Well, I was in denial about the month of November, but now that it has come and gone I should just accept that I'm now [sigh] 40. Someone asked me what I would do for my mid-life crisis, and, after a moment's thought, realized that in my case, I would have to suddenly get married and have a kid, which seemed funny at the time. Now that I'm writing this, though, it occurs to me that a friend of mine has sort of done this. I hope he won't be offended by this post (not that he reads my blog anyway). So, you never know. Someone else asked if I was in denial or depressed about turning... 40, and even though I started off this post saying I was in denial, it's not like I wasn't telling people or lying about my age if asked. But that made me rattle on for a bit, saying that 40 was instead the bargaining birthday. Just a few more years of youth -- I swear I'll be good. It would then follow that 20 is denial, 30 is anger, 50 is depression, and 60 is acceptance. That made me feel all clever and stuff.

I was going to include some other random info about stuff happening with me these past few months, shows I've gone to and movies I've seen and the like, but I managed to put off typing up these bits and pieces, and now December (and 2009) is almost over. Time to just post this and move on.

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