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5 Sep 2009 - 11:13:35 PM

Due to one of those seemingly random series of events, I now find myself in a bit of a goth club filled with, aside from goths, a large contingent of gamers and former Wizards of the Coast employees. The drinks are free at least, and I think a few of the attendees actually play the MMO that is hosting the event (myself excluded). But, wow, I haven't been in a crowd like this in a long time, and as you can see, I'm spending far too long in denial by hunching over my lovely little iPhone rather than socializing. Huh. I've had a bit to drink, and I've totally forgotten the point of this post, but suffice it to say that the past is a double-edged sword, especially in WotC's case, and I feel weirdly uncomfortable but definitely inebriated. The past can definifely come back to haunt us, but fortunately, sometimes, it can provide free drinks. Jeez. I really need to drink some water.

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4 Sep 2009 - 3:37:21 PM
Bellingham Brewpubs

I visited my brother in Bellingham back in July, and we hit the Chuckanut and Boundary Bay brewpubs. Both are nice spots, but Chuckanut was smaller and more relaxed than Boundary Bay. I took pictures of the sampler trays at the time, but, unfortunately, those pictures are now gone. I could take photos of their logo glasses here in my apartment, but it's just not the same. Sigh.

Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen - Bellingham, WA
Larry and I each ordered a sampler tray, and we each had different favorites. There were three organic and three non-organic (inorganic?) beers represented. Contrary to my usual green side, I liked the three non-organics better. Ah well.

    Rob's Picks
  • Shwarzbier - mmm, just right
  • Pilsner - good hoppiness, light
  • Helles Lager - good all-around lager, very drinkable
    The Rest
  • Organic Golden Ale - very bubbly, a bit too apple-y, kinda big for a golden
  • Organic British IPA - okay, decent hoppiness but not so crisp
  • Organic Amber - "clean, smooth" - yup. Not the most interesting, though.

Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro - Bellingham, WA
Boundary Bay is a big place but, on the Friday and Saturday we went by, very crowded. At least that keeps the beer on tap fresh, right? Maybe. I did the sampler tray, and the biggest disappointment was the Scotch Ale, which was flat. Ugh. I hope it was just a bad batch. The rest, fortunately, were fair to very good.

    Rob's Picks
  • Inside Passage Ale - not so crisp but great hoppiness
  • Bellingham Blonde - tasty, with a nice hoppy edge
  • Imperial Oatmeal Stout - 8.5%! Very strong, maybe a bit too strong. Dangerous, perhaps. For advanced beer drinkers only...
    The Rest
  • Best Bitter ESB - fine and well-rounded, but not a whole lot of character. Could be hoppier. Great beginner beer, though.
  • Amber - okay, but also kind of unremarkable. Goes down easy, though. Another great beginner beer.
  • Scotch Ale - good caramel flavor, but pretty flat. With just a little carbonation it would have been really good. Sigh.

Progress! Only one more microbrewery post until I'm all caught up, and then I'll have to start hitting some new ones. There are six or seven nearby that I haven't visited yet...

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