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25 Feb 2007 - 3:59:00 PM
Hey, I got two Costa Rica pictures up! No, they're not in a new photo gallery. They're new Hat pictures! And not only that, but I spent way too much time (as in, more than five minutes) re-writing the Hat page to give it some sort of ui. Just what the world was clamoring for! Oh, happy day.
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11 Feb 2007 - 11:07:15 PM
Hey, I finally got around to putting up another Photo Gallery. No, it's not Costa Rica pictures -- I still have to deal with all those. It's pictures of two winter snow storms here in Seattle. Not as exciting as Costa Rica, but it's a start. One useless bit of trivia about the new gallery is the first half of the pictures was taken with my old Canon S45 and the second with with my new Canon SD700 IS. Next up, Costa Rica pictures -- I promise.
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