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31 Dec 2006 - 1:44:56 PM
Feliz año nuevo, everyone. I arrived this morning in the beach town of Montezuma, and I'm currently soaking up the sun here in an internet cafe. Apparently this backpacker destination is starting to go upscale -- word on the street is a week or two ago Brad and Angelina showed up for a brief stay. Too bad I missed them. I'm sure we would've become fast friends.

The past week has been spent mostly in the mountains -- Monteverde and La Fortuna -- and I found out why the area is covered in cloud forests. We had one full day of sun, except with a very subtle bit of mist, and all the rest had some amount of rain. Seems like all my stuff is wet, but now that I'm at the beach it should dry out fairly quickly. It's actually a little too hot for my tastes, but I'll just grin and bear it, I guess.

Seen lots of monkeys and birds and other various and sundry wildlife. Many beautiful things in Costa Rica. I think I've taken over 300 pictures so far. Well, I think it's time to head to the beach...

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25 Dec 2006 - 8:11:07 PM
Merry Xmas, everybody. I'm in Santa Elena, Costa Rica, up near the Monteverde cloud forest. It's a pretty cool spot, except it's a little overrun with tourists (including me and Sim). Tomorrow we'll do some cloud forest hiking and whatnot, maybe see a waterfall, that sort of thing. Day after that will be some sort of canopy tour/zip line thingamajig (or "chunche" as they say in Costa Rica (according to the phrase book)). I've been able to use what little Spanish I remember a few times, and folks seemed to get what I was saying, so that felt pretty good. The only problem with Costa Rica so far is there's so much to do here that three weeks is nowhere near enough time to do the country justice. Ah well. That always seems to be the case. Hasta luego!
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22 Dec 2006 - 12:16:52 AM
The roblog may get relatively busy over the next three weeks. I'll be flying down to Costa Rica on Sunday for a long overdue vacation. There'll be beach-time, volcano-time, rain forest-time, snorkeling-time, monkey-time, and so on. Can't wait to get on the plane. This very funny trans-siberian video has put me back in the mood for the backpacker lifestyle. Too bad I booked a round-trip ticket...
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