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14 Mar 2006 - 12:07:01 AM
Hey, a post for 2006! Has it really been almost nine months since I last posted to the roblog? Huh. Well, instead of trying to cram in everything that's happened to me these past nine months, I'll just focus on what prompted me to break my silence. You can currently still read the comment to my last post, but since I use the free version of Haloscan, it'll be deleted after a few months, and I wanted to save this particularly amusing comment for posterity. Here:


Who is the best point of contact to discuss sponsorship and promotional opportunities for Pimp My Ride?

I am working with Meineke and George Foreman to promote Meineke car care services. Meineke is interested in exploring options for George to appear on an episode of Pimp My Ride with Xzibit to give the winning car owner a lifetime car care agreement with Meineke and a Meineke performance solution.

Meineke is willing to cover all automobile costs for the customs shop and full ad sponsorship for the episode.

Are you or Bruce Beresford-Redman the appropriate contacts or should I speak with someone within MTV Networks corporate?


Patrick Phelan
Patrick Phelan | Homepage | 02.24.06 - 9:55 am

Now, when I first read that comment I was, to say the least, a little bemused by it. None of it seemed to make sense. Coincidentally enough, a few hours before I had read an article about "splogs" and comment spam, and so my first thought was, "Oh no! The roblog comments have been spammed!" But that didn't seem to quite fit with the content of the comment. I did a little investigating and found out that one of the creators or producers or whatever of Pimp My Ride is named Rick Hurvitz. The other is Bruce Beresford-Redman, mentioned above. Stone Ward (the Homepage link) is a brand/PR firm, and one of the clients is in fact Meineke Car Care Centers, although the Stone Ward website doesn't mention George Foreman. And the referrers for the roblog included a link from a Google search for "rick hurvitz email." So apparently, this Patrick Phelan bozo decided to be all clever and use the interweb to try and hook up with the PMR guys and ended up on the roblog, instead. I tried that Google search today, actually, but my little blog doesn't show up (at least, not in the first 35 pages of results, although my India travelogue did appear on page 25, oddly enough) so I'm assuming the Google search results have changed in the past 2.5 weeks. But back then, Patrick Phelan did somehow click through but then quite reasonably became confused and/or awestruck by my dazzling blog posts, prompting him to believe that I was the true creator of PMR rather than this pretender Rick. All Hurvitzes look alike, anyway, right? So, thinking that Rob = Rick, P.P. then left a public comment pimping George Foreman and Meineke to Pimp My Ride. Whew! Now it all makes sense.

On a side note, while I was playing around with Google search results, I was somewhat disappointed to find that the roblog is still only in third place when searching for "hurvitz." But then I tried "sexy hurvitz" and I came up #1, and that made me feel better.

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