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15 May 2005 - 7:55:19 PM
Okay, so it hasn't been much of a hiatus, but there you go. I went and scrambled up Guye Peak (5168') with the WAC climbing class today and figured it was worth posting about. It was my third time up Guye Peak -- the first two were in 2002 when I was taking the class. Anyway, when I woke up this morning it was raining, but by the time I got up to Snoqualmie Pass it had mostly stopped. Off we went into the wilds of Commonwealth Basin, following the students as they bushwhacked through wet slide alder and pines trying to find the climbers' trail to the Guye - Cave Ridge saddle. Fortunately they found it fairly quickly, and we dropped our packs next to a small pond before heading on up to the summit. Over half way up, it started to rain again, and I hoped it would soon pass -- all I had with me were my soft shell jacket and pants. Somewhat near the top, we met a Mountaineers group who were descending. We tagged the top, but didn't stick around for very long because the rain had worsened and was just pouring down on us (and even hailing for a short bit) -- too much for my precious Schoeller -- I was drenched. On the way down to the pond, we were somewhat surprised to run into the Mountaineers group again -- shouldn't they have been much further down by then? They'd had a head start and all. We descended through them, got down to our packs, and then talked for a bit. My clothes were soaked through, but it was pretty warm out, so I didn't see a reason to change into my rain jacket and pants, which would just make me sweat during the hike out. When we saw the Mountaineers approaching the pond, we hit the trail so that they wouldn't get in front of us and slow us down. Normally I would have then warmed up very quickly and started sweating, but the wet clothes kept me nice and cool, and I felt great the whole way out. So, yeah, the weather was miserable, but I had a lot of fun.

Now I'm on hiatus. Really.

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13 May 2005 - 12:11:10 AM
Oy. I don't think I have time anymore to post stuff to the roblog, so I'll be putting it on an unofficial hiatus for a while. But let's see, since the last post, I went to the British Sea Power show, which was great. Saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was actually not bad. I sat through the whole thing with a smile on my face. There were changes from the book, sure, but it made the storyline pretty much work as a movie. It's not great, but for me it was a feel-good movie. The world's just not as clever these days without Douglas Adams. Ah well. *** (out of 4). Make sure you sit through the first half of the credits. Wednesday night I saw M.I.A. and LCD Soundsystem. M.I.A. was fun. LCD Soundsystem blew me away. Sort of a mix of Gang of Four, The Cure, a little bit of The Fall, and a hint of techno. Got that? Yeah, I know, whatever. Moving right along, there was a movie I saw three months ago that I never mentioned, House of Flying Daggers. It was a very pretty movie, but it seemed to go on forever, for some reason. *** (out of 4). It's really much better seen on the big screen, but I don't think it's playing in any theaters anymore. Oh well.

So, yeah, who knows when I'll post next. It'll probably be a while. Busy busy busy.

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