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28 Apr 2005 - 11:28:22 PM
For some reason, I decided to come up with my own little profile image for those messenger thingamabobs, even though I hardly ever IM. Anyway, I figured a close up of eye would be nice. Fairly unoriginal, but I don't care. It's my eye, so in that sense it's original. A friend of mine told me it's a little disturbing, so it's got that going for it, at least. Feel free to download it and use it as your own profile image -- that way, my eye will become omnipresent and all-seeing. It's the first step in my plan for world domination.

I'm watching you!
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24 Apr 2005 - 8:52:48 PM
It's weird -- I almost feel guilty writing a post so close to my last one. But I must say that Crooked Fingers were amazing. It was the best show I've seen in a long time. When they came out for their encore, they hopped off the stage and played an acoustic, "in the round," three song set in the middle of the audience before returning to the stage. I should've written this post last night after the show because I'd been thinking about how to write it, what details to mention, and now I'm not so caught up in the moment. I'll just say that I left the show with a crazy smile on my face that lasted all the way home.
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22 Apr 2005 - 12:14:00 AM
I'm having a very busy week. Sunday I saw The Wedding Present, and they put on a fine show, although it was kind of hard to make out all of David Gedge's between song patter. Monday I saw Dogs Die in Hot Cars, and they played a fast, short set (40 minutes). Felt like they didn't want to be on tour or something. I don't think I'll bother seeing them again. The other main band that played Monday was a French group called Phoenix that had a disco-rock thing going, which sounds like a horrible thing, but they put on a great show. Tuesday night I was busy with the climbing class. Wednesday night I was planning on taking it easy, but I found out Rock Star Tim's band Popstar Assassins was playing (first time in 2.5 years, supposedly -- was it really that long ago? -- I'll have to search through my old blog posts). They have a new album coming out this summer, so I headed on over to the Sunset Tavern and checked 'em out. They played mostly new stuff, and the songs were quite good. Maybe they'll finally catch hold of that elusive thing called rock superstardom. It's about time. An L.A. band, Cerulean, followed them, and they put on a good show. Fog machines and lots of flashing lights. Their music was pretty cool, too. Tonight (Thursday) I went to the climbing gym. Tomorrow night's a hip 30th birthday party for a friend of a friend at the Bad Juju. Saturday is the Mt Erie climbing day for the class and the Crooked Fingers show at the Croc that night. Sunday I get to sleep in, I guess. What else? I've been biking to work! First time ever for me, and so far it's been going all right. No cars have hit me yet, but a couple have tried already. My bike helmet makes me invincible, though, right? Ah well.
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15 Apr 2005 - 12:31:02 AM
Okay, here are two ridiculous things that have happened to me recently. First, I finally got around to doing my taxes earlier this week, which I should have done a long time ago, of course, because I got a little bit of a refund. I had both W-2 and 1099 work last year, and I did estimated taxes because I was an independent contractor, so I tried to balance everything out in order to not overpay too much. Well, it turns out I was pretty close, but apparently I was too clever for the IRS -- turbotax came back with a cryptic message telling me I was subject to a $10 underpayment penalty for my self-employment taxes, and that the underpayment penalty would be automatically deducted from my overpayment. I had to read that last part several times, but, you know, it still doesn't make sense.

The other ridiculous thing had to do with my new cell phone. I knuckled under to societal pressure about a month ago and got my first cell phone, a cheap-o Motorola that came free with the wireless plan. Anyway, I hardly use the thing, but earlier this evening I tried to make a call and got an infuriating "Outgoing calls restricted" message with an "OK" button option. The restriction was annoying enough because one of the few times I want to make a call it tells me I can't, but that "OK" pushed me over the edge. No, it was not OK. Where was the "Not OK" option? Anyway, I was just about to leave work, and then I had an overly long condo meeting I was late for, and then I went out to dinner with a friend, and didn't get back home until 11:00 pm, and the phone was still saying "Outgoing calls restricted." So, that whole time, I was just getting more and more pissed off (I haven't been my usual mellow self this week, unfortunately -- maybe I need a vacation). I couldn't even do the direct cell service number call. So, back home, I use my land line to get ahold of the after hours customer service folks, and the first thing the cs rep tells me to do, before she even brings up my account, is to turn my phone off and on. So I do that, and the phone starts working again. Jeez. I had to re-boot my phone to make the mysterious problem go away. It's like my phone is running Microsoft software. Scary thought, that.

Okay, time to go to sleep. Good night, and happy taxes to all.

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4 Apr 2005 - 11:53:45 PM
Well, we're back on Daylight Savings Time, which at first I cynically thought as merely making my car stereo clock accurate again (I'm too lazy to pull out the manual every six months and figure out the arcane sequence of buttons to push to change the time), but then I left work today around 6:30 p.m. and it was all light and sunny, and it made me feel great.

No interesting stories from the Reverend Horton Heat show, unfortunately. The Rev was fast and loud, but their stage presence just didn't do anything for me. Even during their big trick, when the stand-up bass player slides the bass horizontal on the stage and the singer hops on top of it, all without missing a beat, the singer looked incrediby bored while standing on it and playing guitar. Go figure. The Supersuckers, one of the opening bands, put on a good show, so that was something.

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1 Apr 2005 - 12:01:34 AM
A quick post before it becomes April. Um... What to say? I've been so busy lately that I can't keep things straight, but I might be able to pencil in some quality blogging time Sunday afternoon. I'm going to check out the Reverend Horton Heat tomorrow, so that ought to yield something a few interesting things to rattle on about. Yeah, see y'all in Q2...
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