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27 Mar 2005 - 9:05:03 PM
I was up at Whistler a couple of weeks ago, staying at a friend's timeshare and doing a little biking around. It was odd how there was basically no snow on the lower part of the mountain, but it made for good biking on the Lost Lake trails. Ended up drinking a little more beer than I expected on Sunday, so I spent an extra night up there, woke up at 4:30 a.m., and was on the road by 5:00 a.m. I picked up another bottle of single malt at the duty free shop at 7:00 a.m. and drove straight in to work, arriving at 9:30. That was a long Monday. Here's a picture of me in full bike regalia (I look pretty serious, don't I?):

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20 Mar 2005 - 10:15:43 PM
I meant to post this last week, but I was too busy. Anyway, the National Weather Service web site was predicting an unusually extreme cold snap for Seattle. The Day After Tomorrow was tame compared to this:

Seattle cold snap
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8 Mar 2005 - 10:16:00 PM
As you may have realized, I haven't given the roblog a particularly high priority lately. I've been too busy working and doing other random stuff to be able to devote enough time to quality blog writing. Yeah, that's it, I've been sparing you from reading mediocre posts. There's been plenty to write about, though, like the fact that I've succumbed and become one of the iPod People. Because I didn't have enough bus time through the tunnel to get any real reading done, I went out and bought one of those nifty iPod Shuffles. It's so amazingly light. I've been snatching blocks of time here and there to rip a few of my cd's, and my iPod's almost full now. I also caught the Robyn Hitchcock show at the Croc last Saturday, and it was a fine show. Even the two opening bands were great. I hadn't heard of the first, The Can't See, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that it's the latest band from the 764-HERO guy. They sound a lot like 764-HERO, unsurprisingly, but this time he has a keyboard player, so that's different. The second band, The Cops, were a blast. I'd love to see them on a double bill with The Briefs, but I might be getting too old to handle that much energy. Robyn Hitchcock played a solid set, including two Soft Boys songs and three covers. What else? Oh yeah, last Friday while walking to the bus tunnel I passed by a parked car with the license plate "THE HAT," which made me very happy. And I still haven't written anything about House of Flying Daggers, which I saw a month ago, at least. One of these days I'll get around to seeing some more movies, maybe Million Dollar Baby or A Very Long Engagement or Hotel Rwanda or The Sea Inside or several others I can't think of right now. And I need to update my bookshelf page. Harumph.
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