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27 Feb 2005 - 11:28:32 PM
Hey, another hiking post. Went with a couple friends on the fun little Lake 22 hike along the Mountian Loop Highway. I'd never hiked it before, even though it's a popular one, and I'm glad I went in February and avoided the throngs of hikers. It was still fairly crowded, though, but not annoyingly so. There seemed to be about as many dogs as people, interestingly enough. Very little snow up to the lake, aside from icy patches compacted down by all the hikers. The lake itself was almost completely frozen over, and various dogs ran along the ice until their owners called them back. People tried out the ice, too, taking a few steps on it. Most said it seemed pretty thick, but neither I nor my friends decided to find out for ourselves. We walked all the way around the lake, and that's where all the snow was, in the shade from the massive headwall rising from the south side of the lake. No one else did the loop hike through the snow, at least not while we did it. Pretty nice to finally get into some real snow. I took a bunch of pictures, but haven't downloaded them to my computer yet. When I do I'll add one here.
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21 Feb 2005 - 10:05:40 PM
I finally overcame my laziness today and went on a hike. The weather's been so amazingly sunny here for the past month that it's been inexcusable to not get out and do something active. So, to whip myself back into shape, I did the hike I always say I'll never do again, Mailbox Peak (4840'). I kept a somewhat slow but steady pace the whole way up and got to the peak in 2.5 hours, which was what I was hoping for. There's very little snow up top aside from an icy stretch in the trees (the part that goes up to the left of the first talus slope) and icy patches in the shady parts of the trail once it comes out to the south-facing side. There was a surprise at the top: no fire hydrant or aluminum ladder. The ladder I can see getting blown away in high wind, but the hydrant? That thing was solid metal and weighed a ton. Weird. At least the mailbox was still there. A high school kid was thinking about adding a Rubik's Cube that he'd carried up for some reason to the collection of stuff inside the mailbox, but I left before he actually put it in. If I do this hike again next year I'll keep an eye out for it. On the way down, I only slipped and fell on my butt once on the icy parts. It took me 1.75 hours to get down, and although it tired me out, I didn't end the hike with "jelly legs," which has happened to me before on Mailbox. I guess I wasn't in as bad shape as I originally thought. Maybe walking to and from the bus tunnel all last week did me some good.
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19 Feb 2005 - 5:14:44 PM
I'd forgotten how much working interferes with blogging. This new job of mine is keeping me very busy, but it's all right. Plenty to do and learn. The commute is a little odd, though. I walk to the bus tunnel, spend several minutes on a bus, then walk to 1st and King -- it takes about half an hour, but I hardly have any time to read because most of the time is spent walking. I ordered one of those little iPod Shuffles, but they're so far back-ordered I'm not sure when or if I'll ever get it. Eventually I'll start biking to and from work, but I'm waiting for it to get lighter later so I don't have to worry about biking home in the dark (I'm not a very good bicyclist...).
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9 Feb 2005 - 5:06:05 PM
It's official. I start working at PayScale on Monday, Valentine's Day. I guess that means I'll love my new job. It's a small startup and will no doubt keep me busy, but I'll learn a lot and get to have some amount of impact on the company.
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3 Feb 2005 - 10:10:42 PM
About a month ago I thought it would be a good idea to bike to Vertical World, boulder around, then bike home. Well, my bike has handlebars that slightly angle up and back and that are straight -- an ergonomic nightmare as I've since found out. My right wrist is a little sensitive from years of poor computer mouse use, and the combination of bike ride, climbing, and another bike ride was too much for it. It's been sore since. I laid off biking and climbing for a couple weeks, but it wasn't healing particularly quickly, even while icing it and popping plenty of ibuprofen. It was too hard to not climb, though, and so I started going back but taking it easy. Taking it easy has turned out to be kind of hard -- I'm back to doing V3 boulder problems and 10d routes, although I tell myself I'm only doing the easy V3s... My wrist hasn't gotten any worse, but it hasn't healed up completely yet. I do need to get ergonomically correct handlebars, though. Any bike shop recommendations? It'd be fun to do the Chilly Hilly, but I haven't decided one way or the other yet. It all depends.
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1 Feb 2005 - 7:16:33 PM
Well, not a whole lot's been going on with me, and I didn't want to write three movie posts in a row. Today, however, I found out I got the job that I've been looking into the past month. I don't know any offer details or when I'd start, but those will work themselves out, I'm sure. So, yeah, a bit of good news to brighten the day.
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