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23 Jan 2005 - 6:42:57 PM
Another quickie movie post. I finally saw that Sideways film, and I thought it was great. If you take Closer, move it from dreary London to sunny California, add a bunch of wine, lighten the mood and mix in plenty of humor, then you'll sort of get Sideways.

Sideways gets: **** (out of 4)

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19 Jan 2005 - 9:30:07 PM
Before I forget, I saw a couple movies a week or two ago. Closer and The Aviator. Closer was really well-written and the acting was all excellent (although Clive Owen's performance got on my nerves a bit for some reason), but it's such a mean-spirited movie about people who are hard to like. It is not a date movie. The writing really carried this movie, though, and all the little gems sprinkled throughout were amazing.

Closer gets: *** (out of 4)

The Aviator was a really solid film, I thought. Good acting, good story, good everything. It was nearly three hours long, but I wanted it to keep going. I really do hope Scorsese finally gets a Best Director Oscar.

The Aviator gets: **** (out of 4)

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17 Jan 2005 - 4:50:37 PM
Well, I'm glad to say I'm feeling better today. My stomach still seems slightly suspicious of food, but the fever's gone, and I actually have some energy. In other news, the interview that was supposed to happpen today didn't, and I don't know when it will. Just as well, though. The less stress the faster I'll be all healthy again. And I get more time to concentrate on polishing my book.
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16 Jan 2005 - 9:52:17 PM
Yesterday I was going to post the following:

"Contrary to how it looks I haven't been in a drunken haze since New Year's. The blog had morphed into a progress indicator for my book, and after I got a complete draft together, I felt like I didn't have anything new to post. Anyway, I'm still here and guess what--I'm back to working on the book. I received a few bits of feedback from a friend that really do need to be addressed and am trying to incorporate them into the book. I also spent several days researching literary agents. It's a little intimidating, but after I deal with this latest round of editing I might work up the nerve to send out a few query letters. The Guide to Literary Agents is pretty useful, as is the AAR online database of agents. And then on Monday I'll going in for a job interview, so I need to get all this book stuff done by then..."

But there were server problems, and today a nasty case of food poisoning hit me. Ugh. Six hours of hell, and I'm all weak and achy and running a 101.5 fever. I'm hoping that tomorrow I feel better.

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