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31 Jul 2004 - 3:23:05 PM
Well, it's the last day of July, and to celebrate I'll be heading out to Leavenworth and spending tomorrow climbing. It's going to be really hot over there, though, around 90. I hope my rock shoes don't melt.
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25 Jul 2004 - 11:37:34 PM
Well, two friends and I attempted to climb Mt. Rainier this weekend via the Disappointment Cleaver route. It's an insanely popular route -- rope team after rope team churning their way up. Anyway, the two of them would've easily summited, but I bonked at the top of the Cleaver (12400'). I think that's my new Punk Rock name, Rob Bonk. We turned around, and I felt pretty bad about being the weak link, especially since it was such a miserable route from Camp Muir to the top of the Cleaver -- there's two sections of annoyingly loose rock with trails that are hard to follow in the dark. Gorgeous sunrise from atop the Cleaver, though.
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22 Jul 2004 - 8:38:42 AM
I usually don't remember my dreams, but there was a part of one this morning before waking up that I just can't get out of my head. The rest of the dream is hazy and didn't really have anything to do with bit with my right forearm down near my elbow having a hole all the way through it. The entrance and exit holes were about half an inch wide and kind of rotted. The hole wasn't uniform all the way through. It widened out to about an inch or inch and a half in the middle, and it was a mass a exposed flesh. No blood, though, and no pain. Eventually, little bits inside were starting to turn green, and that started to get me worried, in the dream. Before that, however, I just regarded it as a curiosity. Weird.
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18 Jul 2004 - 7:47:37 PM
Yesterday I hiked up Mt. Forgotten (6005'). It was hot, and I sweated buckets. All my clothes were drenched with sweat. I'm not sure if I've ever sweated as much as I did yesterday. As a result, even though I packed along three liters of water I had some hydration problems. Oy. Made it up, though. From the meadow, you keep on the trail and drop down to a small talus field. Cross it tending slightly down (there are two cairns), then down another few yards on the other side, duck inside the vegetation and over a log, and the trail continues. That was the only tricky part. From there it's a long traverse (and seemingly endless in yesterday's heat) and then up to another meadow, albeit not as green as the first. Moonscape came to mind. Head up the loose scree gully on your left, and the summit rocks are a hop, skip, and jump away. The rocks on top are pretty jagged, but I managed to rest on them for an hour anyway. Nice views of Baker, Glacier, and pretty much all the other mountains around the Mountain Loop Highway. I'd recommend going in somewhat cooler weather...

Mt. Forgotten (6005')
Mt. Forgotten (6005'), before it got all cloudy
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10 Jul 2004 - 6:54:12 PM
Well, I spent a few minutes updating my bookshelf and cd shelf, so I figured I ought to do a little update here, as well. A lot's happened to me in the past couple weeks, and I just didn't feel like posting for a while. Life's like that.

Let's see, about two weeks ago, Kathy and I did what is probably our last hike together, up Alta Mountain. I went there two years ago, and the weather sucked. No view, it was cold and wet and gray, and I nearly got hypothermia. This time it was mostly sunny, and the view was pretty good. What a difference. There was only a little bit of snow at the Rampart Ridge - Alta saddle and along the upper portion of Alta ridge. All the false summits were still there, but oh well.

Alta Mountain (6240')
True summit of Alta Mountain (6240')

Also saw Spiderman 2 and really liked it. Better the first one in pretty much every way. Totally sets up the third movie, and I can't wait, but I guess I'll have to...

Spiderman 2 gets: ***1/2 (out of 4)

Finally, saw Super Size Me, which was pretty good. Total showboat of a documentary, but it raised a lot of valid points about our eating/fast food culture and the problems with it. Thank goodness I don't eat at McDonald's -- well, except as a last resort. Ask me about my McD's visit in Torun, Poland, if you get a chance. It's kind of funny.

Super Size Me gets: *** (out of 4)

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2 Jul 2004 - 9:01:57 PM
Uh oh. My secret's out. By day I'm a mild-mannered software tester, but in all actuality, I'm Superman. Check out the picture half-way down the page, of the guy sitting up in the sexy black convertible. He could be my (evil?) twin. Or maybe he's Bizarro Rob. The other pictures are quite good, too. They have a certain poignant humor I like.
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