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26 May 2004 - 2:07:44 PM
Last night Kathy and I caught Yo La Tengo at the Showbox. I think it was the fifth time I'd seen them live, and, yeah, they've always put on a good show. They mainly played songs from their three most recent albums, but they pulled out "Julie Christie" from Electr-O-Pura and something I didn't recognize (from May I Sing with me? maybe?), as well as a handful of covers for their two encores.
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24 May 2004 - 3:41:18 PM
Great, two movie posts in a row. We saw Shrek 2 yesterday. It's a fun movie, but I'm a little surprised at just how well it's doing. I guess that shows just how good (or bad) the current other options for mainstream flicks are. Anyway, the pop culture references were laid on pretty thick in this movie (three in one scene at one point). They were cute and all, but a little odd because the first film didn't have any (at least, not that I remember). Oh well. There was one question I wondered about afterwards: What did the dragon turn into? Not that it really matters, but it's one of those curious plot points that seem to be best dealt with by completely ingnoring. Oh, if you do see this, make sure you stay through the main character credits. There's an extra scene that has one of the funnier bits in the movie.

Shrek 2 gets: *** (out of 4)

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18 May 2004 - 3:00:50 PM
Over the weekend, Kathy and I saw Kill Bill Vol. 2. Avid readers of the roblog are no doubt scratching their heads and thinking: Strange, there wasn't an entry for Kill Bill Vol. 1. Well, no need to worry. This isn't a case of a missing roblog entry. I never did get around to seeing Vol. 1 at a theater; we saw it on dvd a week or so ago. I usually don't bother to mention dvd's I watch, but I'll make an exception here. Vol. 1 was a lot of fun, if a little heavy on the blood. Non-stop action, basically. Vol. 2 started off well enough, but when The Bride gets to Bill, everyone sits down and starts talking, which really put the brakes on the non-stop action. We get the whole story, but it just doesn't quite compensate for the sudden change of pace. Also, in Vol. 1, Cottonmouth's backstory section was pretty cool, and I was expecting to get more info about the other assassins' histories, but that doesn't happen. Oh well.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 gets: ***1/2 (out of 4)

Kill Bill Vol. 2 gets: *** (out of 4)

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17 May 2004 - 4:11:15 PM
Well, last Friday I climbed the Tooth with the WAC class again. I spent several hours on the first belay ledge, just like last year. Since it was a Friday, though, it wasn't too crowded -- there were only three other groups who were also climbing the Tooth. Last year, I was there on a Saturday, and the number of people on the first belay ledge maxed out at eight at one point. This year it maxed out at only three. Anyway, the weather was great, and we hung out on top for a while, enjoying the sunshine.
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11 May 2004 - 4:38:38 PM
Roger Miller of Mission of Burma is writing this week's diary in Slate. I didn't know about his Alloy Orchestra project, which performs live musical accompaniment for silent films. They have a dvd out of The General (among others) featuring their music -- I'd like to check that out. I've seen the movie before, also with live music, and it's a blast. Mission of Burma have a new album out called ONoffON, which I haven't picked up yet, and they'll be playing in Seattle next month -- need to pick up tickets for that show. So many things to spend money on.
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10 May 2004 - 3:56:57 PM
I went up Lundin Peak (6057') yesterday with the WAC class. It was a different experience wandering around the Commonwealth Basin as an instructor than as a student. I didn't have to worry about where we were going -- just had to hang back and be amused as the students tried to figure out all the route finding. It was an interesting tour of the basin before we reached the approach gully to Lundin's east ridge. We had all sorts of weather: clouds, sun, rain, freezing rain, snow. The group climbing The Tooth had some hail, too. The cloudiest time seemed to be when we were on the summit -- so much for the view. Oh well. The weather was better than on Friday and Saturday, though. I did catch a great view of Thompson Peak, which I want to climb one of these days. All in all, it was a fun day. This Friday I'll be back up at the pass helping out with another class climb. Hopefully the weather will be nice...
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2 May 2004 - 11:56:47 PM
I went up Vesper Peak (6214') today with a couple friends. It felt like a long ways up, especially since I'm not in the best shape right now, but we made it. The weather on the way to Headlee Pass was mostly miserable, but the fog finally burned off and the sun starting poking through the clouds once we started making our way to the Sperry-Vesper basin. By the time we reached Vesper's summit, the weather was mostly good. The glissades down were awesome, and the inclement morning weather kept everyone else away -- we had the whole area to ourselves. So, yeah, it turned out to be a great day. Here's a picture of me on the summit with Sperry and Glacier Peaks in the background.

Vesper Peak (6214')
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