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30 Apr 2004 - 6:47:00 PM
New things for the roblog! For some reason, I applied for Google's AdSense sometime last year, but they turned me down because I have a useless site, basically. But today, completely out of the blue, I got an email approving me. Maybe they're trying to bolster their AdSense numbers for their upcoming IPO. Who knows. Whatever the case, I now have ads on my site! Woo hoo! As if the Amazon Associates stuff wasn't enough, I'm now pandering for Google, as well! Let the moolah starting rollin' in!

Another new-ish thing is the archive link layout. It used to be an increasingly long list of "Month Year"s that was getting a little too long. Now it's a bunch of squished-together abbreviated month names grouped by year. Very snazzy.

I may lose the link to my Amazon wish list because nobody's bought me anything from it. I guess that means nobody loves me. Oh well. On the bright side, you could be the first! Go ahead and buy me something. You know you'll feel better if you do.

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30 Apr 2004 - 2:53:19 PM
In Bill Bryson's In a Sunburned Country, he harps on about how anywhere else in the world you never hear news about Australia. Well, today that changed when I saw the Yahoo headline "20,000 Australian koalas may be killed." Apparently there are 20,000 too many koalas on Kangaroo Island, and they're eating all of its plantlife. Shooting them dead is one of the ideas being bandied around to solve the problem. My favorite quote is the last line of the following paragraph:
"The koalas are so hungry they are eating pine needles," said Kanck. "What will tourists think of a habitat of denuded trees with desperate, starving koalas roaming the damaged landscape?"
It has an interesting post-apocalyptic feel and I like to think it implies that tourists may become in danger of Koala attacks. What a way to go, eh? Eaten by koalas.
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26 Apr 2004 - 6:50:14 PM
A month or so ago I hiked up Mailbox Peak with a group of WAC folks, even though two years ago I'd sworn never to hike it again. At the end of the second time, I swore I'd never hike it again, but I ended up hiking it yesterday. Kathy and I showed up just as six other WAC folk were about to head on up, coincidentally enough. Ran into two other WAC folk on the way down, too. Maybe WAC Mountain is a better name for Mailbox. This third time up, the summit was pretty much free of snow, so we were able to see the very heavy fire hydrant on top, in addition to the mailbox. And the aluminum ladder. All very strange, these things people lug up there. Maybe next time I go, I'll carry up a cement mixer or something. I could swear off Mailbox Peak yet again, but fat lot of good that's done me so far.
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24 Apr 2004 - 11:50:48 AM
The Pixies show Thursday rocked. They opened with "La La Love You," and I've never been so glad to hear that song. I shelled out the cash for the burn on demand live cd of the night's show, so I can do the geeky thing and put up their set list here. The disc's sound quality is quite decent, too, aside from a few crackles on "La La Love You." Much better than my old tape of their San Francisco Bossanova show. My tape of Black Francis' solo gig at McCabe's Guitar Shop in L.A. is still quite good, though. Damn, I'm a Pixies geek.

Pixies - 04/22/2004, Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC
  1. La La Love You
  2. Winterlong
  3. Nimrod's Son
  4. Here Comes Your Man
  5. Vamos
  6. Bone Machine
  7. Broken Face
  8. Isla de Encanta
  9. Something Against You
  10. Dead
  11. No. 13 Baby
  12. Cactus
  13. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  14. Subbacultcha
  15. Caribou
  16. Hey
  17. Velouria
  18. I Bleed
  19. Wave of Mutilation
  20. Debaser
  21. Gouge Away
  22. Tame
  23. Gigantic
  24. In Heaven
  25. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
  26. Where Is My Mind?
  27. Into the White
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21 Apr 2004 - 12:41:16 PM
Smith Rock was a lot of fun, made all the more exciting by the variable weather. Got some sun, some clouds, some rain. Found some gear, too, which is always a plus. Ran into one other WAC member. My ankle didn't seem to get any worse, either. I haven't really settled back into things, yet, perhaps because I started working again on Monday. All my stuff seems to be in disarray, still, and tomorrow I'm heading up to Vancouver to catch the Pixies. Maybe this weekend I'll relax and get some stuff in order. Who knows.
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15 Apr 2004 - 10:22:28 PM
My ankle is still sore, but I'm throwing caution to the wind and heading down to Smith Rock this weekend to do some rock climbing. I'm borrowing a friend's clip stick, though, so I won't fall on the way to the first bolt and screw up my ankle again. I'll be back just in time to go back to work -- my on again off again contract job will be on again starting next week.

Oh yeah, happy tax day!

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14 Apr 2004 - 11:53:54 PM
I finally, finally, finally switched over to my "new" computer. I'd been using an old HP 200 MHz dual Pentium Pro (surplussed server machine) that was becoming increasingly annoying in many, many ways. Last year I picked up another cheap, surplussed computer from my employer at the time -- it's a 500 MHz Pentium III. Still pretty slow compared to today's machines, but so much faster than my old one. It's like a breath of fresh air.
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13 Apr 2004 - 11:40:53 PM
I finally got all my new lighthouse pictures up. The California count is now up to 25, and there's still a dozen or so I haven't seen there. The total count is up to 95, but there are a couple that don't really count. I'll add another one next week when I'm up in Vancouver for the Pixies show, but to reach 100 I'll have to start heading farther afield. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing...
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10 Apr 2004 - 10:34:51 AM
Well, one thing that changed in Seattle during my two week road trip was the mysterious closing of the Blue Canal restaurant, which I found out the hard way. Kathy and I headed up there for dinner a week ago to be greeted by papered over windows and signs saying "Jai Thai coming soon!" We ended up at Simply Thai, which used to be Simply Paradise, which used to be World Wrapps, which used to be, um, er, I've forgotten what was there before World Wrapps, actually. Yesterday, I walked by and Jai Thai was open. I didn't look too hard at the menu, but prices seem to be about a dollar cheaper than Blue Canal. The Jai Thai in Fremont is pretty good, too, but I'll miss Blue Canal. Ah, well.
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7 Apr 2004 - 11:02:57 PM
It's been a busy movie week. On Sunday we saw Hellboy, which was fun, as long as you didn't think too hard about the plot. Good action, good special effects, fun interactions between the characters. But the plot was just kind of all over the map. And Abe Sapien just disappeared 2/3 of the way through. Oh well. A fine mess, if you will.

Hellboy gets: **1/2

Then tonight we saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was also fun, and touching, and, yes, very clever. The kind of movie you could easily see twice. Kate Winslet was great. Most everyone was great, actually. I'd give it four smileys, but, well, while I thought Jim Carrey's performance was good, I didn't think it was great. Don't know who would've been better in the role, though. Nicolas Cage, maybe. Or John Cusack. Both of them were great in other Charlie Kaufman movies.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind gets: ***1/2

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6 Apr 2004 - 9:43:52 AM
Oh yeah, I'm back in Seattle and have had my share of driving for a while. I think I crammed too many things into the one road trip: lighthouses, microbreweries, and climbing (well, the idea of climbing). The only time I had to relax, really, was in Joshua Tree after spraining my ankle -- not really the kind of relaxing I wanted to do. On the other hand, I have new lighthouse and hat pictures to put up. I'll try and get to those this week. I did get back to Seattle in time to see American Music Club, which was a good show even though the sound wasn't the best. Can't wait for their new album to come out.
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