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26 Feb 2004 - 2:04:35 PM
My old friend Eric Schulman just unleashed his book, A Briefer History of Time, on the internet as a free pdf download, under a Creative Commons license. If you're a fan of Monty Python, you'll probably like Eric's book. And did I mention it's free? So, yeah, go nuts. Download two copies, if you feel like it.
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24 Feb 2004 - 12:50:56 PM
Some time ago there was a big class action lawsuit against the corporate music hegemony about cd price fixing, or something. I put my name on the list to get a slice of the payout and promptly forgot about it. That was a year or two ago. Yesterday I got the settlement check in the mail for $13.86. Maybe I'll go out and buy a cd with it.
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16 Feb 2004 - 11:05:21 PM
I always assumed my pages of hat and lighthouse pictures were useless, but I think I've found something that beats them hands down: a site dedicated to pictures of the world's latitude-longitude confluences. The site's nicely done, actually, but it's just so pointless that I'm in awe. I think I wasted a good 20 minutes looking through it.
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13 Feb 2004 - 4:23:25 PM
Last night I saw a free screening of Hidalgo. I thought it was fun, if somewhat predictable, and most of the women in the theater seemed to enjoy watching Viggo in action. It claims to be based on a true story in the life of Frank Hopkins, but after poking around the web after the fact, I found out he may have made up all of his Wild West and long distance riding stories. Arguing in his defense is the Frank Hopkins site, which doesn't actually verify he did any of the things he claimed. Rather, it analyzes a few odds and ends and generalizes the credibility. Fiercely attacking everything about the man is the Long Riders' Guild. I had no idea the movie was so controversial. Anyway, from the trailers all last year I thought it would be a grand epic kind of movie, but it felt much smaller than that. So, yeah, it was entertaining, but didn't have a whole lot of depth. Seeing it for free is definitely the way to go.

Hidalgo gets: **1/2 (out of 4)

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5 Feb 2004 - 6:06:02 PM
Yikes! Where am I? Oh, right. February. My new job has been cutting into my blogging time, I know, but them's the breaks. Working at a nine person start-up isn't conducive to lots of downtime, unlike my last couple of jobs. Blah blah blah. Enough of this work jibber-jabber. Last Sunday, Kathy and I went cross-country skiing up at Snoqualmie Pass, and it was pretty fun (now that I've forgotten how many times I fell -- it'd been about 12 years since I was last on skis). It was a gorgeous day, and the snow was nice and soft. Went from the Price Creek Sno-Park to the Crystal Springs Sno-Park and back. Gliding through the snow-covered trees was really quite a beautiful thing. But picking our way through brown snow (from dog sleds) into the RV and snowmobile hell of Crystal Springs Sno-Park was not. It was like stumbling into a whole other world. Kind of like Deliverance II, maybe. This coming weekend will be more snow play. Camping at Reflection Lake and poking around the Tatoosh. I'll try to remember to bring my camera this time.
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