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30 Jan 2004 - 6:51:56 PM
Somehow I managed to forget to post that we saw The Station Agent. Yeah, almost two weeks ago. I'm such a slacker. Anyway, I really didn't know what to expect from this movie, except that everyone seems to love it. And now I understand why. It's a little gem of a movie. Very funny (although it has its serious moments, too), very smart, and ends all too quickly. Oh well. Basically, the train just chugs along, and it's a smooth, enjoyable ride.

The Station Agent gets: **** (out of 4)

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27 Jan 2004 - 10:12:33 PM
I hadn't been planning on getting one because I didn't keep up with last year's, but today a friend of mine gave me a Moleskine 2004 Daily Pocket Diary. I'll have to make some sort of effort to jot a few notes down every day, I guess. It does make me feel somewhat better, though, because just recently the owner of Moleskinerie sent me an email inviting me to take a look at the site. It's curious but interesting, and I'll most likely add it to my little blogroll.
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25 Jan 2004 - 12:25:19 PM
I'm mobile again, which is nice. Turned out my battery was complete toast. I'm surprised it hadn't exploded or caught fire, actually. Right, well, time to go burn some more fossil fuel...
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22 Jan 2004 - 9:28:50 PM
For the first time ever, my little Honda Civic didn't start up in the morning. It was kind of a bummer, and it made me late for work. Don't know if it's just the battery or if it's the alternator, or what. Whatever it is, it's really inconvenient. Anyone know of any decent mechanics?
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13 Jan 2004 - 8:37:41 PM
Well, it looks like I'm going to be working again, at a little start-up called Teranode. It's here in Seattle, which is very nice -- no bridge commute. So, yeah, I had a pretty decent three months break, I guess, but too bad I didn't take a big trip somewhere. Oh well. Maybe after the Teranode contract ends.
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9 Jan 2004 - 2:36:03 PM
Last night I saw a screening of the new documentary/re-enactment of Touching the Void, feeling somewhat guilty -- I was going to read the book beforehand, but I didn't get around to it. As a result, I can't quite write a comprehensive review (not that I ever do), but I'll try to wing it. So let's see. I liked the movie. It did a good job of presenting the basics of the story: the climb, the descent, the accident, the cutting of the rope, and both climbers' journeys back to camp. From what I've heard, there's a lot more detail in the book, but the visuals in the movie would be hard to invoke in print. Also, the Boney M sequence was pretty funny, if reminiscent of the Beach Boys bit in Roger and Me. The narration by the climbers was interesting, if somewhat short in places. The movie also featured the backpacker who stayed in their base camp, whose perspective isn't included in the book. As a climbing movie it was quite good, with realistic climbing (unlike, say, Cliffhanger), but I don't know how much interest it'll hold with non-climbers.

Touching the Void gets: *** (out of 4)

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6 Jan 2004 - 4:17:38 PM
Wow. The Seattle Snow Day has been a blast. A peaceful, white blanket of snow covering everything. The occasional SUV driving slowly by. People bundled up (or not) walking around, gathering at the tops of hilly streets, sledding and snowboarding and skiing down. The Denny Street Ski Run (from Bellevue to Melrose) was popular, and a guy wearing a flimsy cotton t-shirt wielding a shovel kept a snow ramp in shape at the bottom of the run. Here's a selection of pictures.

Winter Wonderland
A view down Belmont Ave

Down the Denny Street Ski Run
Looking down the Denny Street Ski Run

Catching Air
Catching air off the snow ramp

Catching Air, Again
Another fine jump

Crowd at top of Denny Street Ski Run
Looking up at the crowd at the top of the Denny Street Ski Run

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6 Jan 2004 - 11:12:05 AM
Another snowy day in Seattle. Three or four inches have already accumulated on my balcony, and the snow's showing no signs of stopping. It's supposed to snow tonight, as well. From my window I've seen only one car drive by -- can't see the asphalt, just a blanket of white -- my little corner of Seattle is very quiet right now. Soon I'll go out for a walk, take a bunch of pictures, and post a couple here. Whee!
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5 Jan 2004 - 12:44:05 PM
Oh yeah, happy new year, and all that. Over the weekend, Kathy and I saw the movie In America. It was really, really excellent. Not much else to say about it. Go see it.

In America gets: **** (out of 4)

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