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30 Sep 2003 - 5:11:59 PM
Last post for September. Saw Lost in Translation. It's kinda slow, though, but entertaining and engrossing, although there were a few too many scenes of Scarlett Johansson sitting around staring out of her hotel window. Oh well. Other than the sometimes too slow pacing I liked it.

Lost in Translation gets: *** (out of 4)

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29 Sep 2003 - 6:53:19 PM
Yesterday, Kathy and I went up Kendall Peak (5784'), which turned out to be easier than expected. The 75 Scrambles book said to head uphill when you get to the sun-bleached stump on your left at 5140'. I set my altimeter at the trailhead (3000' according to the book), but the stump we found was at 5250'. There was a pretty good boot track uphill a short ways further up from the stump, and it was a steep 400' to the summit, up and to the right and no rock scrambling. The book says you go up to the ridge, head left, and do a bunch of scrambling to get to the summit. Strange. I checked my altimeter again at the summit, and it read about 5650'. Looked like the trailhead was actually at 3100'. Anyway, we looked for another sun-bleached stump on the way down and found a meager one at 4950' (using the 3000' trailhead setting), but from that one you'd have to ascend a boulder field to gain the ridge. So, yeah, use the higher stump -- it's a great landmark and the summit access is pretty easy. Access is from the Pacific Crest Trail from Snoqualmie Pass heading north. It's an easy 4.5 miles up a gently-graded trail to the stump, but the walk out feels much longer than the walk in. After we summited, I realized it would've been perfect to have nibbled on Kendal Mint Cake on top of Kendall Peak, but I totally spaced on that idea beforehand. Oh well. Here's a picture of Kendall taken from the start of the Katwalk area. The summit is the left-most bump, and the taller-looking part on the right is just a lower and much closer part of the north ridge.

Kendall Peak
Kendall Peak
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24 Sep 2003 - 6:15:37 PM
Almost forgot. Several weeks ago, Kathy and I saw Seabiscuit. It was a good movie, overall. Good story, good acting, uplifting. It had the whole Hollywood thing going, actually, which was its pluses and minuses. There was one sort of subtle but crude double entendre when we find out about Red's blindness in his right eye that made me think two things: "Did they really do that on purpose?" and "Wow, I've got a dirty mind." Anyway, I've been debating giving the movie three or three and a half smileys, and, well, I have the feeling right now that I wouldn't quite like the movie as much if I saw it a second time. So...

Seabiscuit gets: *** (out of 4)

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23 Sep 2003 - 4:51:55 PM
This past weekend I climbed Liberty Bell (7720') with Kathy, Toby, and Dana. Very fun, and my second alpine lead. Several times I think I made the climb a little harder than it should have been, but overall it was a great climb. We did the Beckey route (the easiest and most popular), and it was pretty crowded. We were sandwiched between groups of three, but we summited and made it back down the horrible scree gully before dark. Then we had to turn on the headlamps for the rest of the way back. Anyway, I'm including a picture taken from the Washington Pass viewpoint. Liberty Bell is the one on the right. The approach for the Beckey route is from the other side, and the climb itself starts around 7200' -- about a third of the way from the top in the picture, on the left side. The two peaks on the left are the South and North Early Winters Spires, which are also supposed to be fun climbs.

Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell
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17 Sep 2003 - 4:05:58 PM
Sunday night I saw Throwing Muses at the Tractor Tavern. It was a private party hosted by "Dr. Mike," and I managed to get a (free) ticket from my friend Trey. I don't know who Dr. Mike is, but it was pretty nice of him to rent out the Tractor and hire Throwing Muses to play, especially since I got to check it out. The sound wasn't all that great, but it was still a good show. First time I've seen Throwing Muses play live. Thanks, Dr. Mike!
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8 Sep 2003 - 6:00:41 PM
Well, I didn't do anything outdoorsy this past weekend, but over Labor Day weekend, I went on a three day camping trip in Olympic National Park with Kathy and four others. Went into the Enchanted Valley area, which, from all reports, is supposed to be teeming with bears, but we didn't see a single one. Oh well. It was a good trip, even with no bear sightings, and the Enchanted Valley area is pretty darn beautiful. Below is a picture of the valley and the "chalet" that was built in 1930 and is now used as a ranger station and emergency shelter (according to their handout, "rain is NOT an emergency"). We hiked as far as the largest recorded western hemlock, and I was kicking myself for not packing along The Hat. Oh well. Maybe next time (it's only 15.7 miles or so to the hemlock...).

The Chalet in the Enchanted Valley
The Chalet in the Enchanted Valley
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