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31 Jul 2003 - 11:08:48 PM
Went to a Chinese place for lunch today, and my fortune cookie read: "This is a month of opportunities, but you must stay alert." Nice fortune to get on the 31st, eh? I still have just under an hour for all those opportunities to come knocking, so you never know...
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24 Jul 2003 - 5:10:29 PM
Caught the Liz Phair show last night at the Showbox. I was a little nervous beforehand because her new album is supposed to be pretty poppy and slickly produced, but, fortunately, she played only four songs from it, and all the rest were old stuff. Only one song from Whip-Smart ("Supernova"), several from whitechocolatespaceegg, and a bunch from Exile in Guyville. So, yeah, it was a good set, but still no "Soap Star Joe." I've seen her perform four times now, and she's never played that song. What's up with that? The opening act, Patrick Park, was pretty good. One guy playing guitar and the occasional harmonica.
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22 Jul 2003 - 6:28:24 PM
Well, I'm hanging out at work waiting for traffic to die down a little and figured I could post some sort of entry here. So, let's see, I was going to try and climb Mt. Stuart this past weekend, but it didn't work out. I did get some nice pictures, though, including one that's kind of a companion photo to my earlier one. There was much less snow on the mountain this time, and the weather was hot, hot, hot. I've decided I don't like alpine climbs that have long, difficult approaches with little to no shade on cloudless, broiling summer days. Right, well, enough of my kvetching. Here's the picture:

Mount Stuart, again
Mount Stewart, from Ingalls Pass
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15 Jul 2003 - 10:39:33 AM
Hot on the heels of yesterday's link, here's one to a Matrix-style Ping Pong match. There's nothing quite like Japanese television. Kong!
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14 Jul 2003 - 4:43:21 PM
Okay, so I'm a little behind the times, but I finally saw the Lord of the Rings spoof with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Pretty funny stuff. R-rated, for those who care...
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11 Jul 2003 - 6:33:13 PM
I saw that Hulk movie earlier this week, and even though it's been getting fairly lukewarm reviews, I liked it. Sure, it's got a bunch of annoying dream-analysis dialogue, but I liked most everything else about it -- the storyline, all the Hulk smash scenes, Nick Nolte. There was, however, one thing that really bugged me. When the Hulk goes bounding back to the Bay Area, we see a quick shot of a road sign that reads: "Berkeley 65, San Francisco 61." I'm sorry, but no such road sign exists in the Bay Area. If there's a sign listing just two cities, one being SF, then SF would be listed first. And no sign that far away would list just Berkeley because Oakland would be listed instead. That road sign nearly shattered my suspension of disbelief. No, really. Well, okay, maybe not, but I thought I'd just throw that out there.

The Hulk gets: :-):-):-) (out of 4)

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9 Jul 2003 - 12:00:55 PM
The Glacier Peak weekend didn't quite live up to its name. It was more like the Pumice Creek Basin weekend, instead. As we drove out to the White Chuck River trailhead, there was a narrow but impressive view of Glacier Peak, which would turn out to be our only view of it, actually. Then we parked and hit the trail. By the time we reached another view of the peak, it was swaddled in clouds. As we set up camp and made dinner, more and more clouds moved in, and when we woke up at 4:00 a.m. we were pretty much totally socked in, with intermittent rain to make it even less pleasant. The weather didn't improve much, and, after lunch, we decided to just hike back out. Ten miles in and ten miles out with full climbing packs. I guess I can think of it as a really intensive training hike. Oh well. As soon as we lost some elevation and got a little ways away from the mountain, it was sunny and clear, although Glacier Peak itself was still all clouded up. Someday I'll get back there.
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6 Jul 2003 - 10:30:57 PM
Finally saw Finding Nemo today. I found it very enjoyable. Even though it had some sappy moments at the end, they were more than made up for by the fun storyline, great dialogue, and the incredible animation. It's amazing how much better the animation gets in each successive Pixar film. If only they produced movies faster...

Finding Nemo gets: :-):-):-):-) (out of 4)

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2 Jul 2003 - 4:19:38 PM
Let's see. Last Saturday I headed out to Mt Roosevelt with a friend. It was about 14 miles round trip, on a really hot day, and we kept losing track of the boot trail -- ended up bushwhacking for way too much of it. My legs got all scratched up. By the time we made it to the base of the summit gully, I was pretty much wiped out. JP ran up and tagged the summit, but I just hung out in the shade. It's amazing how much water you go through when it's that hot out. Anyway, this weekend I'll be attempting Glacier Peak, which I'm assuming will kick my ass, but oh well. Hopefully it won't be as hot...
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