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30 May 2003 - 11:09:13 AM
It's been a while since I posted something here, and, in an attempt to stem the flood of emails asking if I'm all right, I'll try and catch up.

After a blissful two and a half years of living without a television, in a moment of weakness I broke down and bought one last week, as well as a dvd player. It's just for watching movies, though, I keep telling myself. It's only been turned on once so far, actually, to watch the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring. Tonight I'll turn it on for its second time, to watch Spirited Away.

Last weekend Kathy and I went to the Olympic peninsula, ostensibly to climb the South Brother. Hiked up to Lena Lake and then on up the Valley of the Silent Men (I felt right at home) to a campsite. The trail to Lena Lake was wide, smooth, and basically flat. The trail up the Valley, in comparison, was narrow and slow-going because of all the downed trees we had to scramble over (including one on the first bridge -- careful you don't fall into the creek!). The next day we headed up the climberss trail to the start of the snow, where we encountered our first obstacle: a mountain goat relaxing right in the middle of the boot tracks leading up the snow. A glissade chute passed within a yard or so of him, and the thought of sliding down the snow on your butt and nearly crashing into a goat seemed pretty funny. We skirted around him, and I now have lots of goat pictures. The route up took a lot longer than I thought, and by 3:00 we still hadn't reached the summit, though we were fairly close, and clouds had moved in, cutting visibility way down. So we turned around. Oh well. We returned to camp around 5:00 and made it back to the car by 8:30 -- didn't have to break out the headlamps. On the way back, the Valley of the Silent Men trail seemed much easier, probably because the climbers' trail was so much worse -- lots and lots of downed trees to deal with and the trail was basically following periodic bits of pink surveyor's tape and patches of darker dirt overturned by boots -- but maybe also because it was downhill that time.

Okay, that's it for now.

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19 May 2003 - 10:09:38 AM
I finally put up the two newest hat pictures. I also started re-scanning the original hat pics, making them bigger and better. The process could take a while, though. The one downside is the file size increase -- the new pics double to triple the original size. Oh well.

On another note, I didn't get into the mountains at all this weekend, but Saturday I did go on a little road trip to Port Townsend and Whidbey Island with some folks. We showed up in town a few hours before the Rhododendron Festival was about to start. A bunch of the streets were blocked for a parade ("the longest in Washington state!" I heard someone say), but we did eventually find parking where the car wouldn't get towed. Walked around, had lunch, and quickly fled when the sounds of marching bands started -- didn't bother to stick around to see who'd be crowned the Rhododendron Queen. Maybe next year.

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16 May 2003 - 12:08:00 AM
Woo hoo! I just got my copy of Unshelved Volume 1. It is a gorgeous book collecting the first year of Unshelved comic strips, by my friends Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. The cover is very fun, and the strips inside look so much better than they do online -- 1200 dpi is the bomb. Order a copy today!
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13 May 2003 - 10:08:28 AM
In a fit of productivity last night, I finally caught up on my lighthouse page. Ten more pictures, bringing the total to over 80 lighthouses for your viewing pleasure. I guess this means I'll have to go out and visit some more now.

Maybe tonight I'll add two more hat pictures, but you never know. I looked over the page again, and the current batch of pictures leave a lot to be desired. I may have to re-scan most of the pictures to make them bigger and better and clearer (and, in doing so, easier to see the hat). I suppose I could also spruce up the page itself. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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12 May 2003 - 1:38:15 PM
Saturday I climbed the Tooth (5604') for the second time. (SummitPost has gone back to requiring logging in before being able to see the individual mountain pages. Oh well.) The first time was a year ago (May 10th is now officially my Tooth Day, I guess) as a WAC student. This time I was a WAC instructor, and so I got to hang out at the first belay station for three hours, belaying this year's students and an instructor. I did manage to climb all the way up and tag the top, though, which was nice.

No lengthy trip report this time, luckily enough for you, but we had sun for the climb up, clouds and a few drops of rain and hail on the rappels down, two great glissades back down to the South Fork valley, and heavy rain from there almost all the way to the parking lot, where the weekend organizer met us with a couple six packs of cold beer.

All in all it was a great day.

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8 May 2003 - 1:51:49 PM
Saw that X2 movie last night at the Cinerama. It's only playing there for one week, which seems a little odd to me, and then nothing seems to be playing there for almost a week until The Matrix Reloaded starts. Oh well. I liked X2 quite a bit, more than the first one. (Granted, I saw the first one during a plane flight, so that took away much from its enjoyment.) Anyway, there was a bunch of good action, the interactions between the mutants were well-done, and all the women were babes. There were even fun little touches scattered about, such as the kitty licking Wolverine's claws. Can't wait for X3.

X2 gets: :-):-):-)1/2 (out of 4)

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7 May 2003 - 12:06:53 PM
So, there'll soon be internet-enabled toilets in England, thanks to MSN. The cutting edge of bathroom technology. Of course, this begs the question: Will they also be equipped with webcams?
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2 May 2003 - 11:21:51 AM
Here's something I didn't learn about (or practice) in that first aid class I took last November: self-amputation. Amazing the things you can do with just a pocketknife.
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