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31 Mar 2003 - 5:41:04 PM
Busy, busy, busy. Woke up too early Saturday morning to hike Mt. Si with the WAC's 2003 Basic Climbing Class, which I'm helping instruct. At the end of the day, I ran up to the top of the Haystack to tag my first true summit of Si (4167'). It's an easy scramble, but it can take a while if there are too many other people (especially people not comfortable with scrambling who are talked up the Haystack by their hiking partners -- and going up is the easy part) also going for the summit.

After dinner, a friend and I continued east to Vantage, camped out, and spent all day Sunday climbing. The weather was absolutely perfect -- warm but not hot, with some clouds to block the otherwise relentless sun. Did some leading and some top-roping -- flashed Ride 'Em Cowboy (5.9), A Disease Called Life (5.9), and Human Corn (10a); led Whip-Saw (5.9) but got a little sketched out on the last move and hung for a bit before completing it; and top-roped a 10c that's been (unjustly, in my opinion, because I flailed on the first several moves...) downgraded to a 10b in the new guidebook. Saw the very unofficial Goran Kropp memorial inscription in front of Air Guitar -- he was the same age as my brother Larry.

So, yes, the outdoorsy posts are now making their comeback.

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28 Mar 2003 - 2:41:04 PM
I just spent a bunch of money this morning buying a Canon S45 digital camera. Then I checked out the Canon site and saw the brand new S50, but I didn't feel any geek envy because the S50 is basically a 5 megapixel version of the S45, and I don't need that, although the S50's black exterior looks much more slick than the S45's silver. Oh well. What did get my geek envy up, though, was the new S400, which is the 4 megapixel elph. So, it's similar to the S45, but in a smaller and more stylish package. Harumph.
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26 Mar 2003 - 12:39:26 PM
I went browsing through Bailey/Coy Books the other night and saw that a brand new Paul Theroux travel book is out, Dark Star Safari. It's his seventh big travelogue, this time covering a trip across Africa from Cairo all the way down to Cape Town. I've read three of his other travelogues, and this one looks like it could be very interesting. Unfortunately, I feel like I don't have any time these days to do much (if any) reading. Maybe when the new Capitol Hill library is finished I'll have freed up some more reading time.
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24 Mar 2003 - 5:33:37 PM
I finally got a comment from someone I don't know. It was kind of validating to see that a complete stranger has read my little posts, and they even made her feel better about blowing off a job opportunity at Solucient. That made me feel great. It's all about validation. And I didn't even go into any horrible specifics of the contract job.

Anyway, I was going to write something about the weekend, but I'm just not feeling up to it. Here's a detail, though: While walking through Seward Park's amphitheater, found a leaf with a poem written on it. Difficult to read, but it changed the way I look at leaves.

Oh, and I picked 13/24 of the Oscars. Not too bad, considering I'd seen only six of all the films nominated in the 24 categories. (And two of those were Spider-Man and Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones...)

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20 Mar 2003 - 2:51:25 PM
Today is my 33 and 1/3 birthday. I was going to throw a party, but I never got around to planning anything. Oh well. Maybe I'll walk across the street and buy myself a toy at Toys R Us.
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20 Mar 2003 - 12:51:12 PM
I just found out about a handy website that has a bunch of free climbing and bouldering guides in the US and Canada, plus one for France. They're PDF docs formatted so that you really need to print them out double-sided, but if you do, they then fold in half to make snazzy little guidebooks.
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17 Mar 2003 - 12:25:15 PM
Monday again. Happy St. Patrick's Day, and all that. I neglected to wear any green today, to find out there's a pincher here at Apex. So I'm now sporting a little green Post-It on my shirt.

The drinking/poker night last Friday went well. Drank plenty of gin and tonics, and even managed to get ahead in poker. My winnings, such as they were, ended up not quite covering what I'd spent on pizza, beer, and snacks for the evening.

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14 Mar 2003 - 2:49:31 PM
It's Friday again, which is nice. Today's been alternately cloudy, rainy, and sunny -- gotta love that Pacific Northwest weather. Anyway, tonight a bunch of guys are descending upon my place to drink and play poker, three of whom are in my blogroll: Bill, Sean, and Dave. Should be fun.
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11 Mar 2003 - 2:27:56 PM
Wow. Just when I thought the US gubment couldn't get any more ridiculous, I read this "freedom fries" news article. The whole Bush/GOP mass idiocy is just plain embarrassing. Sorry, I usually don't talk politics, but this was too much. What's next? Freedom's Mustard? Freedom kissing? (No link for that one -- I was a little nervous about typing "french kiss" into Google while at work...)
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10 Mar 2003 - 12:17:23 PM
As it turned out, the move didn't happen, but I did see a movie called Open Hearts. It was really quite excellent, but such an emotional roller coaster ride. Not sure if I could handle watching it again. The acting was great, and the alternative/wishful scenes were very well done. The apples were a bit much, though.

Open Hearts gets: :-):-):-)1/2 (out of 4)

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6 Mar 2003 - 11:04:25 PM
Well, I was planning to go snow camping this weekend with the backcountry travel class, but instead I'll now be helping someone who suddenly has to move by Sunday. A long but oddly entertaining story, actually. Maybe I'll go snow camping in a couple weeks, then.
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4 Mar 2003 - 8:43:41 AM
Here's a picture of me in full mountain-man mode, taken last Saturday in the Tatoosh. Those new-fangled digital cameras are pretty handy, aren't they? Maybe I should get me one of them. Anyway, click on the image to view the full 237k picture.

click to view the much bigger 237k picture
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3 Mar 2003 - 5:58:01 PM
Saw the documentary Lost in La Mancha last night. It's about Terry Gilliam's attempt at making his Don Quixote movie, and the mess it turned into. A very interesting behind the scenes look at the chaos and bad luck that plagued this picture, and it was cool to see Terry Gilliam just being himself, since he was the Monty Python guy you never really saw. I also had no idea how movie insurance worked, much less what it did if the production went belly up. Anyway, this documentary made me glad I don't work in the movie industry.

Lost in La Mancha gets: :-):-):-) (out of 4)

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3 Mar 2003 - 10:44:10 AM
The Tatoosh trip on Saturday was fun, and we had pretty good weather, too. Got up close to The Castle, but didn't do any peakbagging. I guess that'll have to be another time. I did learn, though, that going up in snowshoes is a lot easier than going down. Skiing down looked like a lot more fun. Oh well.
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