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28 Feb 2003 - 5:37:37 PM
It's Friday, and I would like to go out and do stuff, but I need to wake up tomorrow morning early enough to leave for Mt. Rainier at 5:30 a.m. Harsh. I'll be spending the day snowshoeing around like I did several weeks ago, this time south of Paradise in the Tatoosh. Next weekend will be the overnight snow camping trip.
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27 Feb 2003 - 4:34:06 PM
Almost forgot. Caught that Rabbit-Proof Fence movie some time ago. Pretty decent. There was a bunch of good acting and a compelling story -- the forced separation of mixed Australian Aboriginal children from their Aboriginal families. The plotting and pacing felt kind of Hollywoodized at times, though, but on the whole I liked it.

Rabbit-Proof Fence gets: :-):-):-) (out of 4)

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24 Feb 2003 - 10:41:22 PM
I got my REI dividend in the mail a couple days ago, and this evening I went out and spent it all on an avalanche beacon. Hopefully I'll never have to use it, but it's one of those things you should have if you wander around in the snow in the mountains.
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24 Feb 2003 - 12:43:02 PM
Yeah, so, I've been back in Seattle for almost a week now and have been way too busy. Maybe I'll be able to relax this week a little bit. Spent the whole past weekend up at Snoqualmie Pass for the avalanche portion of the WAC's Backcountry Travel class. Analyzing snow pits, searching for avy beacons, attempting to dig snow shelters. The snow pack was pretty thin for February, about four or five feet thick, and most of it was mushy melt-freeze stuff. Got snowed on a bunch Saturday, but Sunday was sunny and clear -- totally gorgeous out with all the snow-covered trees.
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13 Feb 2003 - 5:50:48 PM
In Memoriam

Betty Freed
August 5, 1909 - February 13, 2003

My grandmother ("Bubby") just passed away this afternoon. She was my last living grandparent, and the world seems too empty now. Grandparents are special. When I had long hair, my mother would constantly give me grief about it, but Bubby valiantly put up with it -- she even braided it once. To her, life wasn't something you complained about. You made the best of it, laughed to make it fun. I'm really going to miss her.
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9 Feb 2003 - 9:23:53 PM
Well, it's been a couple days since my last post, and I've so far managed to accomplish three of the five things I mentioned in it. Instead of spending time on the other two things yesterday, I went down to Mt. Rainier with Jon and showshoed around. Went up above Paradise, to Panorama Point. Would've been nice to have gone to McClure Rock or even all the way to Camp Muir, but we got a bit of a late start. Oh well. Gorgeous day, though. We were originally planning to snowshoe up Mt. Beljica, but it's such a low snow year that Paradise was basically the only option for getting to decent snow.
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6 Feb 2003 - 5:18:16 PM
If I'm really ambitious tonight, I'll update my lighthouse page with a bunch of new pictures, finish reading Blindness, update my bookshelf page with a bunch of new books, clean up my condo, and work on my book. I wonder how many I'll actually get done, though -- I'm guessing two, maybe three. Or maybe I'll just lie around and drink scotch.

Oh yeah, it's my brother's birthday today. Happy birthday, Larry! It's also Ronald Reagan's birthday, but he probably doesn't realize it...

And one last thing. My buddy Bill's trying to up the ranking of his comic strip in Google. So that's my contribution. One link at a time.

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2 Feb 2003 - 7:11:26 PM
When I first moved to Seattle, I tried out a restaurant on Broadway called Angel's Thai Cuisine and thought it was pretty mediocre. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I gave it another shot, but it was exactly the same. There are some decent Thai places in town, so I never went back, but I'd pass by it fairly often -- it was never particularly busy but it somehow managed to survive year after year. Yesterday, though, I walked by and it was suddenly closed down -- the insides were all ripped up, and there were little signs posted saying a new Asian place would be opening up in March. Kind of weird. Such a quick end to a long but disappointing existence.
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1 Feb 2003 - 11:25:40 AM
I remember watching the Space Shuttle Challenger explode on TV 17 years ago. I was 16 and really into science fiction, and watching the disaster replayed over and over again was devastating. Since then, though, I've lost track of space shuttle comings and goings, and I had no idea there was a current mission, even, until I saw the Columbia disaster headline when I went to check email this morning. It saddened me, sure, but the way it made me remember the grief I felt as an idealistic teenager half my lifetime ago was more affecting, and the last thing I want is to hear Bush gibber on about this tragedy. I'm so glad I don't have a TV.
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