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8 Jan 2011 - 8:00:40 PM
Two Beers Brewing Company

I finally figured out how to alleviate the guilt of a short bike ride to a nearby brewery (besides by crying into my beer at said brewery): go in winter when the weather window is much shorter and/or it's too cold to be biking all day. Also throw in some extra hills, like in today's ride to the Two Beers Brewery in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. Instead of cruising down Capitol Hill into the flatlands, my friend and I cruised down Capitol Hill and then up Beacon Hill before cruising into the flatlands. Not the most efficient route, but it helped build up a good thirst.

The first time I tried a Two Beers brew was a couple years ago at a bon voyage/fundraiser party for a friend and others, and there was some sort of friendship connection with very new Two Beers, and so there was a keg of their IPA available. I filled up a cup and took a gulp -- it was awful. Incredibly strong soapy taste. Ugh. I don't remember if I even finished it. Since then, I tried them once more at some pub, one of their other beers, and I wasn't impressed. But they've gotten bigger, and they seem to be friends with about half of Seattle, and they have logo pint glasses available, so it was time for me to bite the bullet and give them a visit. Fortunately, they either have improved quite a bit or my standards have slipped...

Oh yeah, cool guys working at the brewery. I can see why they're buds with everyone. After a little bit of beer talk, the guy behind the bar served us up a bonus sample of the other Sodo Brown batch, but I wasn't exactly sure which version was the one that's been shipping. Ah well. I also managed to haggle down the price of the "vintage" logo glass to $2 -- they're going to change the glass, but haven't ordered or received the new ones yet. Sweet deal for me.

Update! (25 Nov 2011): Jonny and I stopped in again to check out the expanded digs and try some new brews at the end of a chilly day biking round and round Seattle. The new taproom is awesome -- go see for yourself!

    Rob's Picks
  • Beer Church's Midnight Mass - Holiday pale ale. Smooth caramel nuttiness. Yum! Made in collaboration with the Beer Church as a fundraiser ale.
  • Echo IPA - Strong hoppiness and very slight lemon flavor to a strong bready finish, with a lingering bitterness. Pretty cool. Hoppiness not floral, not citrusy - just hoppy, I guess.
  • Heart of Darkness Imperial CDA - Good coffee flavor with a subtle caramel undertone. Decent hoppiness. Very very drinkable.
  • Infused Evolutionary IPA - mango, apple, peach, marigold - Strong mango and peach aroma. Fruit flavors not too strong, go well with the hoppiness. Joel says the dried marigold has a bitterness to it. Decent fruit beer
  • 20:20 Blonde - 4.8% - Interesting. Slightly crispier and hoppier than the usual blonde, with blonde finish. Like it.
  • Persnickety Pale Ale - 5.5% - Nothing persnickety about this beer. Nice balance and hops. Gives Manny's a run for the money. Yum.
  • Impending Darkness Black IPA - 6.9% - Bit of a smoky flavor, not quite as hoppy as the Evo. Fun mix of a beer. Good.
    The Rest
  • Trailhead ISA - 4.6% - 4th Anniversary IPA - ISA can stand for whatever you want, but "India Session Ale" is quite fitting. Slight floral aroma. Light and almost watery, but very hoppy, with citrus notes. Quite nice, but I have mixed feelings about session beers.
  • Jive Espresso Stout - Strong espresso aroma. Stout start, then espresso kicks in and lingers a long, long time. Don't know if I'd want to drink a whole pint.
  • Immersion Amber - 5.2% - It's beer, which is good. Nothing too interesting, but nothing bad. A bit hoppy, which is always nice, but nothing really stood out to me. This might have been my second Two Beers experience.
  • Evolutionary IPA - 6.2% - Way better than that first keg -- maybe that's the reason for its name? Strong citrusy taste, but well-rounded IPA. Not as big as Total Domination, but it tries. I think the bad first impression I had is the reason it didn't make it to the Pick list...
  • Sodo Brown - 5.2% - Hmm. There was some subtle flavor that I couldn't quite identify, until my friend pointed out the description on the board: "Infused with mint and cacao." But maybe too subtle -- just enough to make you think, there's something else in this brown... I tasted the mint more after the fact, actually. The alternate (original?) batch was not subtle at all. It was like drinking a peppermint patty, which was actually pretty fun for a sample, although I wouldn't want to drink a whole pint.
Two Beers taster paddle
Two Beers taster paddle - Seattle, WA

On the ride over, we passed by the new location of Georgetown Brewing, which got me thinking: there are a bunch of local breweries I've visited and acquired glasses from before I started writing these little "reviews," and it's high time I started to re-visit them, make them official and all. Yeah, that's it -- it's my duty as a blogger to go back to these places and drink more beer. The sacrifices I make for my loyal readers...
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