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27 May 2002 - 9:26:52 PM
Hiked up Mt. Pilchuck today with my friend Jon. I won't be writing a full-on trip report, so don't get worried.

We had to park about two miles from the trailhead because of snow on the road, so a 6.5 mile hike suddenly became a 10.5 mile hike -- should've gotten an earlier start! It was sunny on the way up, but about 15 minutes from reaching the old fire lookout station at the peak, a bunch of low clouds rolled in and eliminated the view. Ah well. Got some fun glissades in on the way down, though. On the walk back down the road to the car, we passed by a guy whose big ol' pick up truck was stuck in the snow. He had a shovel in the cab, which he was using to try and get his truck unstuck -- I had the feeling he gets himself stuck in the snow a lot.

When we reached our the car (parked before the snow began, so it wouldn't get stuck), it started raining, and the shoveling dude's buddy whizzed by on a little 4-wheeler ATV, soon followed by a Search and Rescue vehicle.

Back in Seattle, we met up with another friend and went searching for an open Ethiopian place. Ended up at Assimba, which is one of my favorite Seattle Ethiopian restaurants. Mmm. Food.

So, yeah, it was a pretty good day.

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