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28 Mar 2012 - 11:49:07 PM
Pike Brewing

It had been a long time since I last visited the Pike Pub and Brewery. I'm not even going to try and remember when that was. I don't think I liked the food all that much, and over time that kind of spread to my view of their beer. Or something like that. Anyway, I walked down to the Market on a surprisingly non-rainy afternoon, and decided to pop in and finally do an "official" visit. The beers turned out to be pretty solid, but after sipping from all six, taking notes, and nibbling on a tasty hummus plate (so maybe I was wrong about the food...), I went back through the samplers, and two of them, after warming up, didn't taste so good anymore. I've been trying to figure out what to do about them: keep them on the Pick list but with a warning that they're better cold, or drop them down to The Rest because they don't hold up if you drink them slowly? It was too hard of a decision, as it turned out, so I just put them on both lists. Oh well.

    Rob's Picks
  • Naughty Nellie - 4.7% - Golden organic artisan ale. Nice light mix of floral hoppiness and breadiness. Crisp, bubbly. Hoppier than I expected.
  • Pale Ale (cold) - 5% - "Heirloom amber." Good mix of big bready maltiness and underlying hoppiness. Sort of a cross between a pale ale and an amber.
  • Kilt Lifter - 6.5% - Great sweet maltiness. Very full bodied. Just enough hops to balance sweetness but not stand out. Yum.
  • XXXXX Extra Stout (cold) - 7% - Great coffee/chocolate aroma. Great rich coffee/chocolate/bit of smoky flavors that linger. Extremely drinkable.
  • Monk's Uncle - 9% - Tripel. Banana/clove and slight alc aroma. Banana/clove flavor but balanced nicely with some sweetness, some spiciness, touch of alcohol, slight breadiness. Pretty darn good.
  • Doubble Troubble IPA - 8% - Strong floral aroma. Very crisp with strong floral and citrus hops. Light but strong.
  • Post Alley Porter - seasonal - Similar coffee/chocolate/smoky flavors as XXXXX but has a dry instead of a rich mouthfeel. Yay, I used "mouthfeel!"
    The Rest
  • IPA - 6.3% - lots of floral hops but nice malty base. Good hoppy bite but too floral for me
  • Pale Ale (warm) - 5% - For some reason, after this beer warmed up a bit, it just tasted bad. Weird.
  • XXXXX Extra Stout (warm) - 7% - Just like the Pale Ale, when the Stout warmed up a bit, it just didn't taste all that great.
Pike taster tray
Taster tray at the Pike Pub and Brewery -- Seattle, WA

Since my last post, I found out there are three more breweries in and around Seattle that are churning through the federal licensing process and planning to open this year. Plus, I forgot about three other existing local breweries I have yet to officially visit (or five, if I count Pyramid and Redhook). And then there are a couple I've been meaning to re-visit. So, plenty to keep me busy, without even having to bike very far from home.

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