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18 Mar 2012 - 9:10:42 PM
Twelve Bar Brews

I'd been waiting on two things before visiting this new brewery in Woodinville: construction work on the Burke-Gilman bike trail to finish, and then a sunny day. All the repair work wrapped up in February, and finally the rain let up for a few days in early March. Ended up biking out there on the less warm day, but it was good to be on the bike, and the re-done section of the B-G was pretty awesome. Made me excited to arrive at Twelve Bar Brews. It's located in a nondescript warehouse, but you walk in and the taps are right in front of you. Plus there's a cool (but broken) electric bass on the wall (soon there may be more non-functional instruments). They had three of their four beers on tap, which wasn't ideal, but oh well. The tasting lasted ten, maybe fifteen minutes, and then we were back on our bikes, pedaling home to Seattle. Made the Portland tastings seem pretty leisurely in comparison.

I wanted to try their IPA before writing up this post, and about a week later I found it on tap at a convenience store in Greenwood, at the soon-to-be-named Chuck's Hop Shop. They're the latest in the convenience store cum alehouse craze that's sweeping Seattle.

    Rob's Picks
  • Pentatonic Pale Ale - Very light in color. Crisp and dry. Good strong hoppiness, maltiness not too strong. Good lingering hoppy flavor.
  • Turnaround Red - 5.7% - Really smooth and good strong maltiness. Six different hops used (four during the dry hopping), but the maltiness just soaks up all the hops. Goes right down.
  • Supertonic India Black Ale - Nice dark color. Great balance of roasty maltiness and hoppiness. Really drinkable.
    The Rest
  • Wicked Riff IPA - 6.9% - Strong bitter and citrus flavors. Subtle bready base. Long lingering bitterness, that was a bit too much for me.
Twelve Bar tasters
Samplers at the Twelve Bar Brews tasting room -- Woodinville, WA

You'd think I would have run out of Seattle-area breweries by now, but there are, in fact, two places right in town (Pike and NW Peaks) that I have yet to blog. And there will be a third (Reuben's Brews) by the time summer rolls around. Two little breweries that were on the to-visit list closed recently (192 and Battenkill), so I'd better get a move on...

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