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7 Mar 2012 - 11:58:53 AM
Coalition Brewing

I liked this place. Pretty small, with a great hang out vibe to it. Plus the bartender was quite pretty and gave out free stickers. They also have a program where you can try your hand at the brewing process on their pilot system, and if people like the beer, they'll scale it up to the bigger system. If I lived in Portland, I have the feeling I'd spend a little too much time at Coalition Brewing.

    Rob's Picks
  • Two Dogs IPA - 5.8% - Lots of hop. Floral, bitter, crisp.
  • Wu Cream Ale - 4.9% - Very hoppy, but not particularly creamy. Sort of IPA-ish.
  • Bump's Bitter ESB - 5.5% - Not too bitter, not too malty. Great balance.
  • Lost Glove Strong - 8% - Rose-y aroma. Caramel flavor that mixes well with the floral hoppiness, and a nice maltiness. Really good.
  • Loving Cup Maple Porter - 5.5% - Great coffee dryness. Very drinkable.
  • Hanso Stout - 6.2% - Seemed very similar to the Loving Cup. Still good, though.
  • Apollo Creed CDA - 7% - Not too hoppy, but great maltiness and good balance. Nice.
    The Rest
  • King Kitty Red - 5.74% - Hoppy, malty aroma. Malty, hoppy flavor. Okay.
  • Wheat the People - 4.4% - Bubbly, with a bready finish. Very light. Also okay.
  • Mr. Pigs Pale - 5% - Floral aroma. Flavor a little too floral for me, but otherwise nice.
  • Hanso vs. Bulleit - 6.4% - Aged on oak with Bulleit bourbon. Didn't really taste the bourbon very much. Good stout, but I expected more from this one.
Coalition Brewing
Tour organizer obscured by some fine Coalition beer -- Portland, OR

I'm now half-way through the brewery posts from this busy beer-tasting weekend. Whew! The one guy I know who subscribes to my blog will most likely be quite surprised when he gets back from his vacation in Mexico and finds 14 new posts waiting in his RSS reader. Hola, Wayne!

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