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30 Nov 2011 - 5:56:01 PM
Block 15

During my stay in Corvallis, I re-visited the burgeoning Block 15 beer empire. In addition to their brewpub, they have now opened a European-style gastropub next door called Les Caves. It is European-style presumably because they serve a whole lot of bottled European beers, in addition to two Les Caves-only Block 15 beers. And the food's much fancier than in the brewpub.

Other times I've re-visited breweries I've gone back to the original post and added in the new info. Block 15, however, was in my first beer post along with six other breweries, and so I decided it warranted a post of its own, especially after tasting eleven more of their beers. Yikes! Good thing it was spread out over two days. I've included the original beer notes -- see if you can figure out which ones are which!

    Rob's Picks
  • Caves IPA - 6% - Good floral aroma. Very strong hoppiness -- nice floral/citrus blend. Full malty base with slight caramel flavor. Big, strong IPA.
  • Caves Saison - 5.5% - Has that banana aroma and flavor, but the flavor was well-balanced by maltiness and strong hoppiness. Quite smooth, too. Kappy didn't taste the banana, so maybe it'll come off as clove if that's your thing.
  • Strawberry Fields - 7% - Sour kick to strawberry flavor. Interesting, especially the aroma: sour creaminess, kind of cheese-like.
  • Imagine - 15% - "Bourbon barrel Belgian Imperial Stout" -- Holy cow! Strong bourbon aroma. Bourbon stout explosion to a chocolate finish. Thick and strong. A huge beer! Wow. They only sell this every other year, apparently -- I wish I'd bought a bottle or six...
  • Bent Shovel - 10% - Alcohol aroma. Great caramel/alcohol balance. Bitter finish.
  • Hemp Nut Brown - 5% - Fun tangy flavor to the nut brown. Interesting bitter aftertaste, slightly floral. Not light, not heavy, but elements of both. Second hemp beer I've seen, and I've liked both. Hmm...
  • Alpha IPA - hoppy and crisp, kinda citrusy. Yum!
  • Print Master's Pale Ale - quite nice, very drinkable
  • Aboriginale - Big! Like this better than Print Master's, actually. 7.1%!
    The Rest
  • Glo, Golden Lager - 5% - Fairly bubbly. Bready start balances the lightness. Lemony finish.
  • Apricot Ale - Apricot aroma. Strong tangy apricot flavor that lingers.
  • Ridgeback Red - 6.3% - Floral aroma and flavor. Strong hoppiness. Okay.
  • Super Fly Rye - 7.5% - Floral aroma. Pretty hoppy, but in the same floral way. Some maltiness, but not too much. Lingering bitterness.
  • Dunkel Weissbier - 5.5% - Alcohol aroma. Interesting alcohol/hop/malt balance, but a little watery.
  • Chocolate Porter - very chocolatey, maybe too much so. Slight licorice edge to aroma and flavor. Finishes with root beer flavor. Kappy sez, "Tastes like Chocolate Red Vines."
  • Nebula Oatmeal Stout - kinda weak, but at 6.8% it won't take much to do the trick

Block 15
Block 15 sampler blocks -- Corvallis, OR

And now we'll return to our regularly scheduled Washington posts. Let's have a big hand for our special guest, Oregon!

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