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14 Jun 2011 - 12:21:52 PM
Brauhuus Wädenswil

This brewpub seems to have a number of names, Brauhuus Wädenswil, Wädenswiler Biere, Wädi-Brau-Huus, just to name a few. Whatever you call it, though, they have some good beer and fine food. Greg, Alice, and I visited on the occasion of my last night in Switzerland. They had six beers on tap, including a seasonal, and the Hanf in bottle. The Hanf is a hemp beer, so I guess this Wädi Brau place is run by a bunch of hippies.

    Rob's Picks
  • Blond - 4.8 - Bready, slight honey flavor, hoppy finish. Pretty bubbly. Pretty good.
  • Ur-Pils - 5.1 - Good hoppiness, good breadiness. Filtered but not too light. Really good.
  • Dunkel - 4.8 - Darkest of the lot. Very malty, but not with that malty sweetness. Hoppy undertone. Very drinkable.
  • Saison - 7.8 - The waitress called it a doppelweizenbock, but it tasted like a Belgian tripel. Good caramel sweetness with alcohol edge. Greg pointed about a subtle banana flavor, but I decided to ignore that in order to continue enjoying the beer...
  • Hanf - 5 - I guess it has a hempy aroma and taste, but I'm no expert in that. Aroma has some mintiness and grassiness. Grassy/piney/minty flavors. Not sweet. Nice and crisp.
    The Rest
  • Hell - 4.8 - Cloudier than the Blond but otherwise very similar. A bit breadier, hoppiness a little more immediate, less bubbly.
  • Ur-Weizen - 5 - Sweet. Caramel and honey flavors. Pretty bubbly and not so hoppy. Refreshing, but a small glass is enough for me.
waedi beer palette and me
Me surrounded by a whole lot of Wädenswiler beer -- Wädenswil, Switzerland

The sampler beer palette looks like a ridiculous amount of beer, but at the time the glasses seemed a lot smaller. Huh. Must be some trick photography going on here.

Anyway, this concludes my Europe 2011 series of posts. I've been back in Seattle a week now and am feeling ready for whatever comes my way.

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