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25 Mar 2011 - 3:03:25 PM
Big Time Brewery

Winter's over, and so are the short bike rides to local brewpubs. Instead, my friend and I hopped on a bus to South Everett and took a long bike ride to the otherwise local Big Time Brewery. Stayed mostly on bike trails, too -- the Interurban to the North Creek to the Sammamish River to the Burke-Gilman. Hadn't gone on a ride in a month, and so Big Time was a welcome end to the 30 mile ride.

Update! I tried Whiny the Complainer, their Pliny the Younger consolation brew, when I was at Naked City, and while I don't usually include beers tried outside of the brewery or brewpub, I'll make an exception here, because how can I not include a beer named Whiny the Complainer?

    Rob's Picks
  • Whiny the Complainer - 9.1% - Triple IPA. Good hoppy IPA. Piney and malty, with an unfiltered fullness. Nice spiciness on the tongue and subtle citrus/grapefruit flavor.
  • Prime Time Pale Ale - Good caramel flavor. Somewhat hoppy, but not particularly so. Smooth and very drinkable.
  • Coal Creek Porter - 4.5% - Nice! I like the smokiness. Coffee and chocolate flavors not overpowering -- great balance. Yum!
  • Sunbreak Blonde - seasonal - 4.1% - Light and citrusy, not too bready. Great summer beer.
  • Big Dance Imperial Amber - seasonal - 8.1% - Strong taste with great caramel flavor. Dance party in your mouth!
  • Hop on Pop Imperial IPA - seasonal - Least floral of the three IPAs on tap. Smoothest, too. Really nice. A good full-bodied IPA.
  • Breakfast Cereal Killer Oatmeat Stout - seasonal - Mmm, so thick and creamy and smooth and chocolatey and coffee-y. A great meal.
    The Rest
  • Atlas Amber - Big caramel flavor, but not too interesting to me. Fairly typical amber.
  • Bhagwan's Best IPA - 5% - Very floral, good hop bite, but too floral for me.
  • Scarlet Fire IPA - seasonal - 6.4% - Not quite as floral as Bhagwan's Best, more complexity to the flavor. Interesting.
  • Saison Grisette - seasonal - Very light, with a slight sour Belgian taste. Pretty good, but a little lacking in body for me.
  • Buck Mulligan's Dublin Stout - seasonal - 4% - Nitro pour. Smooth and light, but a bit watery and slightly sour. A very, very different stout than Breakfast Cereal Killer, but not in a good way...
Big Time Brewery
Sampler tray at the Big Time Brewery and Alehouse -- Seattle, WA

I made an effort to take a better picture this time. Hope you like it.
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